Beautify St. Clair


The City of St. Clair is proud to sponsor the “Yard of the Month” (YOM) program for residents and businesses of the City of St. Clair. YOM has been established to promote good will and community pride through the look of well-manicured, maintained, and design landscaping of yards throughout St. Clair for residents and businesses.

Judges will use the general criteria and procedures below when choosing YOM. These are only guidelines and the final decision is based on the evidence of the homeowner’s and business owner’s pride in their property.


  • Properties are eligible to receive the YOM once in a 12 month period (calendar year)
  • Property may be personally or professionally maintained.
  • Properties may be residential or commercial.
  • Properties must be located within the city limits of St. Clair.


  • Yard is well groomed (mowed, edged and minimal weeds).
  • Yard is attractive- pleasing to the eye (e/j. green lawn, variety of plants with various heights and colors.
  • Yard has no visible Code Violations (e.g. litter, junked or inoperable vehicle, furniture, etc.).
  • House number are attractively displayed.
  • Only the portions of the yard viewed from the street will be judged.


  • YOM will be awarded each month between March and October.
  • Photos of the yard, with permission of the property owner, shall be shown in the St. Clair Missourian and on the city’s web site.
  • A YOM sign will be provided to the winner to be placed in their yard during the 30 day period recognizing the honor.
  • Each yard will be limited to winning the award only once in a 12 month period) or each calendar year).
  • Should a homeowner or business owner decline to participate upon notification of winning, the second place yard will become YOM.
  • While a yard is being recognized as YOM, the winning property/location is expected to maintain the yard in the same manner that allowed them to win the honor.


  Nomination Procedure(s): Nominations may be for your own property/residence, neighbor, or business

  • The nomination process begins by completing/submitting an application which is available on the city’s web site or at city hall on the forms rack (front entry). It is attached to this document.
  • You, the submitter, will write a short narrative about your nominee (why chosen, what attracted you to this given location).
  • Many homeowners and businesses take pride in their property, lawn, and flower gardens throughout the year. If you feel your residence or business should be entered, you may nominate your yard, a neighbor’s yard or business.
  • Nominations are provided by observers and volunteer judges to successfully implement this program. The volunteer observers and judges will represent a cross-section of the city to help identify and given recommendation for follow-up. These are senior citizens, business owners, City Council and other civic organizations, and individual
  • Nominees will be notified of their being considered.
  • Nomination must include
    • A picture of the property under consideration along with:
    • The name and telephone number of the person nominating the yard:
    • The exact physical address of the property nominated:
    • An explanation why this property deserves the award.
    • Nominations must be made by the 15th of the month to be considered for the following month.
    • Time table for selection will be ten (10) days after all nominated sites are visited and voted upon Majority selection is required.
    • All residential and business properties within the city limits are automatically eligible. However, you may choose not to participate. We sincerely hope you will permit us to acknowledge your very attractively beautiful location/property as part of our Keep St. Clair Beautiful Program
    • Winners (either residential or business properties) will be selected once per month from March through October.


  • Yard is well groomed (mowed, edged and minimal weeds)
  • Yard is attractive- pleasing to the eye (e.g., green lawn, variety of plants, shrubs, colors.
  • Yard has no visible Code Violations (e.g., litter, junked or inoperable vehicle or furniture)
  • House numbers are displayed
  • Only the portion of the yard viewed from the street will be judged.
  • Overall appearance is pleasing and inviting


  • Property may or may not have grass


  • Neat design, theme or natural appearance


  • Clean debris moved trash containers/products are not obstructing the property’s beauty or is aesthetic view


 Upkeep may be by individual or landscaper or professional groundskeeper

  • Judged solely on exterior store front or side if applicable view
  • Enhanced curb appeal (balanced use of color)
  • No Code Violations (e.g., trash, graffiti)
  • Consistent maintenance
  • Tasteful, creative landscaping
  • Overall appearance is pleasing and inviting.

 Who are the judges:

Yard of Month beautify St. Clair Committee is led by Michael Bursey/Travis Dierker this is a 4 person chair that is made up of 2 chairpersons from local businesses and 2 residential home owners who reside within the City of St. Clair's city limits.

Currently (July 17, 2019) the following committee is as follows:

Chairperson Representative from R&R Ace

Chairperson Representative from F&M Bank

Chairperson (Home Owner) : Pending 

Chairperson (Home Owner): Pending

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